Wonderful Garden Bathroom Idea

It is really nice place to freshen body, even some can spend time in this room for a long time. Twice a day at least, you will enter the same room because you always need it and that is a bathroom. Bathtub, shower, and vanity are things you find because they are main parts of bathroom equipment to help you clean your body and make up. In and out from the same room probably will cause boredom for you and it is clear that you need to redesign your bathroom into better design. Smart idea comes to make you smile and happy with unique, fresh, elegant but simple and that is wonderful garden bathroom idea.

Bathroom Ideas With Garden Tub

Garden bathroom design offers you whose idea by placing a small garden inside your bathroom to express natural concept and avoid from bored feeling inside the bathroom.  You can also do your hobby by placing decoration in the small garden area with certain plants you love. This concept has some advantage that enable you to do design easily and you needn’t to worry about how to design it because the advantage of this design idea is smart but simple to do.

Bathroom With Garden Tub Decorating Ideas

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Flexible Place design

Better Home And Garden Bathroom Ideas

Garden Bathroom Decor Ideas

Wonderful garden bathroom idea seems to be so easy because you can make a bathroom in the back terrace or side house terrace facing toward concrete fence to make a room although basically you are outside your house. You can make a small garden around the fence and let your bathtub under your edge of roof even you can put your bathtub under the sun. If it rains you can make transparent roof to let light come into the room to warm the cold bathroom. What a nice idea, because you make your bathroom in unexpected design.

You can also make it inside your house by placing some plants in the pots in the corner of the bathroom or walk in area. Open ceiling window also does its function to illumination for the room but it is usually has been planned because it comes together with roof design that cannot be made when your bathroom has been done. Attic area probably will do this job, because you can redesign your roof into a window that is not only for illumination function but also beautiful. Small stone can be put around walk in area or in the garden area to make it more natural with small pool. There will always be new idea but you have to try this wonderful garden bathroom idea.

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