Warm Welcome with Bathtub Steps Design Ideas  

A bathroom is not merely common place that serves you area to take shower for body cleaning but to make it a nice place that greets you friendly will definitely be much better. Warm welcome with bathtub steps design ideas seems to be smart idea to invite exiting mood of the bathers particularly when eyes stare toward its design and feet step slowly into bathroom. Bathtub is really special bathroom area that most of people often spend their time there. Design of steps as the way to reach the tub area and higher level tub design like platform can change perspective as if it greeted you to go up for oration. It makes so beautiful bathroom as if you were welcomed by this design.


Designs of steps to platform tub is the main way that makes you easily get into the bathtub. It is like stair that also adds touch of art around tub. The location of bathtub that is made higher from floor level gives face of bathroom as the point of interest. Combination of material or color for each part of the design creates motion of tone. Wood material for the steps that probably can be added with LED can be so wonderful and makes it clear as partial function before bathtub. Common number of steps is usually two or three that adjusts the height of the bathtub. The benefit of this design can be used for sitting area before or after bathing time. The nice idea of this bathtub steps really creates meaningful concept to design a bathroom. By its design, it is not doubtful that warm welcome with bathtub steps design ideas will really appear in the bathroom.

Sunken Bathtub With Steps

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Steps design and bathtub platform are usually made as one plan design. The steps often follow the certain shapes of tub like round or rectangle but it is not absolute. Some steps are made based on the platform design. The size of the steps can be long or short and each has benefit. Long size steps will make you easy to go to the tub from any place around the bathtub while short steps design will allow you to use area close to the bathtub for toilet or probably vanity. Some designer uses left and right side area for steps and leave middle area close the tub for shower or other functional area. You can make steps at the any area of tub. The width of tub as the area for steps will make you have short steps onto your tub while tub length will enable you to have long steps design. If you have tub in the middle of your bathroom you can make it all around or most of area like tub that is round. Some tub has had its design with step but you can make it by your own idea or by platform.  So, whatever you do for bathroom, warm welcome with bathtub steps design ideas will really inspire you to design a lovely bathroom.

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