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Decorating a room especially is interesting activity that can make the room more beautiful or sometimes it is often used as media to express creativity, sense of art, or probably hobby. Bathroom is one of rooms inside house that often becomes attention particularly on the wall area.  Trendy color, wall art, use of wood panel, or common wall tiles ideas are general concept of wall decor to enrich bathroom with different look that surely will make the occupant feel comfortable and satisfied. New touch of wall decoration or design that is rarely applied on bathroom wall increasingly the beauty and wall nook decorating ideas are one of wall design to decorate the room you can try.

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Common wall that is decorated to create beauty usually use color, tile, or probably painting. Wall nook offers you different look of bathroom wall that needs space of inner wall to make it on the wall. This wall design requires enough thickness to build inserted space into the wall that will be appropriate for your purpose, function or just decoration.  This wall nook decorating ideas is commonly placed in one of bathroom wall that usually has no window around.  The existing of this wall nook creates a beautiful look by design of frame on the bathroom wall as the point of interest. To have this wall nook really invites new and different sense of art.

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Rectangle, square, or probably like window shape that is made through vertical or horizontal pattern can be chosen to make this wall nook.  You can make is large enough like window or door on the wall but small size of wall nook numbering two or more on the wall. Touch of nice color for the nook can also be made to feature accent that change attention toward this special area. Flower, statue, or other ornaments are often put in this wall nook to display your items or sometimes this wall nook is meant to do function like shelf.  Combination from some shape of wall nook in one side of bathroom wall that starts from bottom to the top creates beautiful wall pattern that combines its wall nook shape and its ornament or accessories.

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Lamp as day or night illumination increasingly adds bathroom value that makes this bathroom wall looks so fantastic. Light really gives beauty that strengthen area of this wall nook decorating ideas. So, putting this design as bathroom decoration is smart ideas to do.

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