Unique Hanging Shower Seat ideas

Recent designers is growing fast as the need of design service is rising. So many designs with unique, elegant, simple concept comes from designers’ ideas to serve you with a great number of options to bring home. A house plan can be started from floor blueprint ideas to create nice result for dream house. Roof shape design, wall decoration, floor plan, color scheme, are parts of house that have variation to choose. A high quality house will always come with high budget in building and for some it looks so impossible to build a luxury house with so expensive budget. One of your house room is bathroom, and it will be specific topic in design. What is offered for you is unique hanging shower seat ideas that give you attractive design.

Wall Hung Shower Seat

When you are tired or just want to be relaxed in your shower stall, shower seat is a nice idea to build or place inside your shower room. From so many designs of shower seat, there comes Ideas to feature its artistic design, functional purpose, or just merely a business. When you are attending an exhibition or just take a look in a galleries, you will find shower seat with different shapes and size from simple to unique ones or offer you permanent shower seat concept that you must build it yourself at home. Basically, function of shower seat is dominating to choose and unique hanging shower is easy design to choose.

Wall Mounted Ada Shower Seat

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Hanging seat concept

Wall Mounted Fold Away Shower Seat

Wall Mounted Folding Shower Seat With Arms

Hanging seat concept of shower seat means that your shower seat has no leg to bate weight of your body when you are sitting on this hanging shower seat. The legs of shower seat are replaced by insert part of seat on the wall to bate the seat board. In its design, there are two hanging shower seat type. First of all is one that is permanently built from concrete and it can’t be moved except you have your shower room renovated. The second design of shower seat is fold away shower seat that is installed to the wall of shower room. This type of shower seat seems to be more practice because it can be folded and allow you have more space in your shower room when you are standing inside. It can also be installed after your shower room is finished with so many designs to choose. Even this fold away shower seat need less time, simple installation, and it is said as unique shower seat ideas.

This unique shower seat ideas of the second type is suitable and easy to be installed in small shower stall. The reason is that this seat can be folded to the wall. This shape of slim can be inserted on the wall. Compared with permanent hanging shower seat, bench, or simple shower seat like common seat. This hanging shower seat board material can be from wood absorbed by metal frame that is inserted to the wall. It is nice design you should try at your shower wall because designers have made it for you.

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