Unique Bathroom with Hammock Bathtub

A unique bathroom with hammock bathtub is really creative design that less people probably know. Originally hammock comes from ancient people who used is to avoid from stinging ant, dangerous snake, and other dangerous animals when they were sleeping above the forest ground. The hammock was not only used for sleeping, but also swinging and resting then keeping used till recent people but it is usually used just for relaxing and swinging. This hammock is commonly made of sling, rope, or netting that both sides of the hammock are tied up to two points that make it hanged high from ground. So, it seems so interesting to hear unique design by hammock bathtub as bathroom furnishing.

Floating Hammock Bathtub

This creative idea to hear a bathroom with hammock bathtub but thinking about it looks so impossible design. To reach for this dream bathtub, some designers do hard work that make the design finally real for you. The hammock bathtub is made by replacing common hammock material with special material for certain purposes. Surely, the sling of hammock is designed to capably keep water inside the sling without leaking down to the floor. This material for hammock bathtub is also chosen from strong material that can support human body and water in the same time. You don’t need to be afraid because it has been designed safe for you but surely maximal weight is also made to prevent the hammock damaged and keep it durable. Therefore, you will feel safe to have unique bathroom with hammock bathtub inside your bathroom.

Hammock Bathtub Buy

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Some benefits can be found from this type of bathtub. First of all, elastic material to make this hammock bathtub is so soft and not hurt the body. The material also form your body shape that makes you feel so comfortable and relaxing. Another benefit by this type of bathtub is the design which is so unique and create so different bathroom decoration that distinguishes your bathroom from common designs inside houses. This hammock bathtub is light in design that allow you bring it yourself from the store. Nevertheless, the material is strong enough. It is also easy to remove that gives you some option to use different places surely with its equipment installation even it allows multi-function room, maximal space use because of vertical use of room, and easy cleaning.

Hammock Bathtub By Splinter Works

Hammock Bathtub Grand Designs

This unique bathroom with hammock bathtub is basically not merely unique by its beautiful and creative design but also gives more advantages for you. Therefore, to have this design is not an alternative bathroom but it gives you satisfaction value.

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