Under Tub Storage Design

Common tub design often follows the personal desire for the style. Freestanding bathtub with legs or pedestal, or stand on concrete or wood structure that leaves only the upper side of tub are some design that is often seen in general bathroom. Design of bathtub with structure or platform has more advantage than just freestanding design. Panel that construct space to put bathtub surely will leave cavity under the bathtub. It is sometimes not used at all by genera people, but something that is forgotten often becomes additional value. Under tub storage design is nice idea to use the area than just leaves it without any function.

To construct this storage design, considering the height and width of platform.  Right size will gives balance look and enough space for the storage. Too short platform size will leave you less storage except that is you want the storage to do. Under tub storage design like shelf without shutter or cabinet with its door is personal preference that each person will always be different one another. Width of platform design also allows bather to put items around the tub while you are enjoying your relaxing time. Some people design platform with steps to increase decorative design and make you easy to get into the bath. Some people use wood for platform, or concrete to build a bath platform. Both are nice to have.

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Probably, some people forget to use under tub storage design that will enable the bather easily to take drink, magazine, towel, or other bathroom items without having to take a long walk from the tub. Combination of color will increasingly enhance the value of bathroom with beautiful view of outside window that is near to your bathtub. This under tub storage really inspire anyone to get better design with its additional function to change your life to be better. The question is Have you thought on under tub storage design in bathroom for your family? So, just try this and you will be so happy and satisfied to see that you have this beautiful under tub storage design inside your lovely bathroom.

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