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Concept for small bathroom decorating ideas will be different from the larger bathroom. Less space forces you to deeply think on how to decorate your bathroom and obviously it will be different in room treatment. This reason surely makes you choose another option for items that will effectively decorate a bathroom and suitable with the space. For bathroom decoration purpose, some considerations can be taken to improve the lack of bathroom design by its limited space.

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  1. Well-designed furniture selection

First you must remember when walking in the store to buy your bathroom furniture is to know your small bathroom size. Then choose the furniture that make your bathroom look luxurious or elegant. This step is done to change perspective that a small bathroom can be so great and it will change someone’s attention to the furniture than size of the bathroom.

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  1. Transparent partial panel

It is common to separate shower room with your bathroom vanity. The panel that separates both areas usually uses wall like walk in shower. It is not suggested because your bathroom will be getting smaller. Glass panel is good for your small bathroom decorating ideas. Although you have partial panel to divide both rooms, the transparent design of glass allows you to see another part of the bathroom.

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  1. Better Sliding door

It surely needs creative ideas to use this limited bathroom space. Sliding doors can save space by minimalizing the area around the door. Sliding door use less space than hinged door because the door is just moved close to the panel under the track that allows you to bathroom item beside the door. Hinged door will not do this job and your choice to apply sliding door is exact option.

  1. Spacious vertical storage

Small bathroom vanity with limited width for your storage will not be enough. The only way to add your storage is to choose shelf or rack that is designed vertically to accommodate bathroom items. Commonly, heath of a room will be the same although it has less width because the ceiling of bathroom will adjust height of other ceiling except your bathroom is designed in the attic area.

  1. Freshening color

Type of certain color will play your mood. They can change your feeling and create nuance of a single room that makes each single room tends to have special color to get defined purpose. Light color probably is better than the dark ones because it can freshen your mind than the dark ones that give illusion as if you are trapped in a fuggy and dark jail. Nevertheless, some people choose to paint their bathroom wall with dark but bright light will fight to neutralize it.

  1. Multi-function design

Filling a bathroom with complete items is surely expected by all people. Using one area for double function is a solution for small bathroom design. Bathtub with shower or small toilet area near bathtub or vanity is example of multi-function application. Although you use simple items for your bathroom, furnishing your bathroom is important to give message that your bathroom is beautiful because of its complete function.

  1. Mirror illusion

Large mirror on the wall will give you illusion as if your bathroom were so wide. This mirror will expand your eyes distance. Your eyes will not be easily tired by its mirror. Another alternative to replace this mirror is to use wide window that gives you outside view and makes you feel so relax.

This article really gives you real small bathroom decorating ideas. You can add you brilliant idea to decorate your bathroom. This concept will keep bathroom function and decoration can go together without losing one of both elements. Function without good decor or in contrast surely gives you less satisfaction. So, limited space will not stop you to decorate your bathroom and finally you can star to decorate your lovely bathroom because you have got so many ideas to make it real.

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