Simple shower design ideas for two

If you are a busy man with a lot of works to be done at your office and either does your wife, starting a day in early time is very important to prepare anything before going to office. You have to wake up early, tidy your room, take a shower, and so on. Sometimes, you have to be late to go to office because of small problem that make you come before your boss for a classic reason. The problem that once happen in general case is your time management in shower time. When the sun is rising, you are still outside of your bathroom for a queue with your wife. It is a simple case but sometimes many do it. Therefore, the case can be solved by shower design ideas for two.

Double Shower Head Bathroom Design

The use of shower room is very important, even this is your part of life. A bathroom with one shower basically is enough for your big family except you are very busy and just have little time to have a shower while in the same time your wife or husband does the same way as you do. It is time for you to build your house with shower design ideas for two, but if it is done, a remodel the bathroom can be done.

Double Shower Master Bath

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One room Shower design Ideas

Shower Designs For Two Persons

If you just live with your husband in your own house, using one room for shower is good idea. You don’t need to make a new room to build up a shower stall. The large of the room can be fitted with your comfort in a bathroom. It means that each you has to have enough space in shower without disturbing each other.  2 X 4 meters is enough to design your shower for two. You can makes shower rack between two shower head to make each of you easy in using your shower needs. The door is made by two to give easy access if one of you is done.

Two shower stall design ideas

To build two stall shower ideas, the consideration usually comes from privacy reason when in the same time shower. For some people it is just made to bathroom style. When you have plan to build two shower room in bathroom, tidiness is one thing to take consideration. It is practical to build your shower rooms with shower stall or shower cubical, because brick wall shower design will make you difficult to remodel your bathroom.  You can put both shower stall in on line or separated by body height wall, or put each in corner with neo angle shower design with glass screen or just a curtain. It is easy design, I believe you can really make your simple shower design ideas for two

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