Paris Themed Bathroom Decor

Designing is main work to build a bathroom while decorating last touch of bathroom process that makes it look beautiful. Bathroom design can includes wall, floor, roof, size, and shape of bathroom as the early design before start to paint wall, add furniture, and other bathroom furnishing. Decorating seems close to definition of aesthetic concept that feature bathroom beauty that makes the occupants feel comfort, and nice to see it. Discussing on decoration looks more interesting than design because most of bathroom design have common idea while bathroom decoration is more various. For example, one of bathroom decoration that many people love to do for a bathroom is Paris themed bathroom decor.

Paris Themed Accessories For The Bathroom

Theme is concept of creative idea that feature elements of environment to take into another environment as one combination to obtain new unique and beautiful result. Paris is a big city that is very popular all around the world. One of Paris that is known well is Eiffel’s tower. This is a wonderful and very high tower design that is so impressing and makes many people come to see it. It is a building that makes Paris popular when people are hearing the tower. Therefore, you can use Paris and its featuring things as one environment and change it as your Paris themed bathroom decor.

Paris Themed Bathroom Accessories

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Then a question comes up on how you will make Paris themed bathroom decor. As mentioned previously, theme means the use of elements that builds an environment, in this idea is Paris. The use of only one element for theme will be so plain, so some elements to create a theme are surely better.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor

Paris Themed Bathroom Rugs

  1. Miniature

You can use some items for your bathroom that represent Paris. Tower, letters, small buildings, or merchandises can make the bathroom occupant remember the city and arise new nuance. The use of miniature in Paris concept must consider the number of merchandise that inspire you to buy a lot of items. Because of its small and numerous items, probably using wall shelve or certain display to place these miniature will do the decoration. You don’t have to use all wall for this Paris themed bathroom decor but one side of bathroom wall is enough, near your vanity, empty side, or anywhere you like.

  1. Painting

Painting idea for Paris themed bathroom decor is much easier. You don’t have to go around your city to find merchandise or miniature or even go travelling to Paris. By the painting, the decor will be so easy because you can also change the size of element big, medium, or small everywhere you want including your bathroom floor without any rack or shelf to put it on. If you can’t paint it yourself, you can ask painter to do the work or buy sticker that represent your idea.

Both ideas, miniature and painting have each benefits. Another option to make your Paris themed bathroom decor is to use both ideas as combination. For example, you paint your bathroom wall with Paris View and completed with lights forming letters that compose Paris word. Idea to make this theme for your bathroom is a lot, so find your creativity.

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