Outdoor Shower Enclosure Design Ideas

Bathroom is one of house areas that must be made and will always exist in any house like a system that completes each other. Outside area is recently chosen as the place to shower place that perform nice design with its simple design. Outdoor shower enclosure design ideas are the way to make your shower area stand perfectly in the backyard, near, pool or garden, or side of house. It now becomes nice choice for some people to have it as additional function when inside area is not possible to show it.  Therefore, the design of enclosure is essential to keep your privacy when you are standing while enjoying your shower.

Outdoor Shower Bamboo Enclosure

  1. Wall design

The design of outdoor shower enclosure design ideas especially on wall commonly have typical design that is different from indoor shower stall and can be seen from some aspect. Size of wall for shower enclosure usually come with limited height of door level. It makes the design offer you simple shape just like panel around you and doesn’t reach the roof when it is placed sticking to your house wall.  At the bottom area, outdoor shower enclosure usually leave space that keeps wood panel a bit higher from ground. Some shower enclosures are designed with short lattice window surrounding the wall at the top of wall to enable you see outside.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure Australia

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  1. Simple Roof

Some designs of roof for this outdoor shower are made with incomplete panel or lattice and let sun light comes into the shower area. It is really nice to have shower while sun light comes to warm up the room that makes it as mix of both fresh water and hot light. Some shower enclosures are made without any roof and looks very simple even without door but just walk in design that makes shower area in the enclose is not exposed from outside.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure Camping

Outdoor Shower Enclosure Designs

  1. Floor Idea

Outside area becomes reason why type of shower floor can be so various. Standard shower floor is usually used tile of certain material for shower tray but natural design can be made yourself to finish bottom area. Covering ground with pebble and laying square shaped plate of stone as footing are simple way to design shower floor even some people just let ground as floor without any design. You must also plan the drainage to avoid swampy ground around the shower enclosure area.

This decorative bathroom enclosure design ideas are really suitable for additional shower area. It also enables you to have easy access to your shower stall without stepping into your house and dirty the floor that is near to your garden. Commonly, it is close to house wall or high fence at the backyard or in the garden. The simple design will also give you easiness to install it everywhere you prefer. Finally, this decorative bathroom enclosure design outside of your house is really nice to build and will become one of favorite place around your lovely house.

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