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Wide open nature as long as eyes can see always gives big impression although artificial design from the best architect keeps coming to offer you beauty based on art. Open blue sea that is so beautiful, queue of green trees along the way, and strong High Mountain is a picture of nature that is defined as scenery. Breeze of air, warm sun light, and boundless sky space increasingly enrich beauty of nature that will never end and can’t be conveyed by words and that is Allah’s Miracle, the only god who continuously manages this word without sleeping and being tired and real masterpiece created for all human. When designing an opus, human just adopts nature and here comes open plan outdoor shower idea.

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Ideas of open plan outdoor shower appears from someone homesickness of virgin nature among loss of nature space because of human expansion and a wish to bring nature concept into a shower design. The purpose of the natural design with open plan concept is to get natural nuance like in real open nature to hunt peace feeling, fresh atmosphere, and balmy air like in beach that naturally only occur in real nature. Therefore, combine concept for a design with nature character is a brilliant idea. The main discussion is bathroom design specially shower design to get natural concept as its purpose and the offering is open plan outdoor shower idea.

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Outdoor plan and Nature nuance

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Open plan outdoor shower idea is shower design idea featuring open space outside of your house for like real nature purpose. The reason when starts the idea is to explain that open space is comfortable place to do activity and the manifestation of natural homesickness that is brought open plan concept. The best place for this open place outdoor shower idea is near beach, or beautiful scenery. Natural condition will also support the design. Bathtub or shower outside can be done with plants or vane around it as the roof or partition to show nature atmosphere. In floor design, pebble floor option, sand option, or floor tile option is suggested to help the purpose. The nuance of nature starts when you lie on your bathtub with endless vies, see blue wide sky, and surrounded by green and fresh tree or vane. It creates nuance as if you just started your happiness.

For privacy purpose, make sure that the area around the outdoor shower is not exposed by people, or you can make partition of curtain or plant that enables you hide inside it when having shower. If you are living in houses without scenery; beach or mountain, concept you can try is make space in your house with open ceiling decorated with natural element like plant, stone, or artificial scenery. Everything can be done with this idea and it is time to apply open plan outdoor shower idea in your lovely house.

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