Not-Slippery Pebble Shower Floor Design

Bathroom is important house part that will not be forgotten by a house owner when they stars to design or build a new house for their family. Activity in taking a bath is crucial life habit that will keep you in good health condition and fresh. Things from cabinet, mirror, bathtub, lamp, floor and so on often become big consideration in designing a nice and comfort bathroom. Art design is an awesome idea to apply for bathroom but comfort and safety function will also be your priority. When you are in shower stall, pebble shower floor design is brilliant idea to feature not only art but your safety in the room.

Best Grout For Pebble Shower Floor

The existing shower floor design usually uses artistic pattern design that is beautiful but often ignores the safety aspect in the room.  When it gets wet and you are in the room, probably you can get slip as you lift your one leg. It is a serious problem and need a solution.  Not-slippery pebble shower floor design can be a good solution to avoid this unexpected thing in shower room. So, you need to know the design to apply to your house shower.

Best Sealer For Pebble Shower Floor

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How to do pebble shower floor design

Black Pebble Shower Floor Tile

Black Pebble Shower Floor

The main point of the pebbly shower floor design is the scraggly floor surface but it doesn’t hurt you step. Indeed, some store has such pebbly shower tile, but surely it is much different when you make it yourself. You can begin make it by choosing small similar stones. Find or buy it that can fill your Pebble shower design. Then fill it into the floor and make it in even surface with cement to make it unmovable and permanent.

To show the art design, you can paint the stones in different color that make the look of the floor beautiful. The uneven pebble shower floor design can also be used as therapy while you take a shower in shower stall it is a really nice design idea. You have a good shower floor but you also have good design to show. Therefore, you will be satisfied and safe with this not-slippery pebble shower floor design. So, just make it into your lovely bathroom design.

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