Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

Japanese bathroom design ideas probably can be your new insight that releases your boredom of common bathroom design ideas. Although the use of bathroom is the same functionally, but detail of design will make it so different one another. If you browse and see some Japanese bathroom design ideas, you will see some differences that make this typical bathroom bring another tone to the bathroom. Simplicity, peace, and comfort are common touch that can be felt when looking the bathroom. So, recognizing the elements of bathroom is the point to inspire the way to decorate bathroom into Japanese bathroom design.

Design A Japanese Bathroom

  1. Bathtub design

Type of design for Japanese bathroom design ideas is close and viscous with its material that build the tub and the shape that is very unique. Japanese bathtub is usually made from great wood material with appealing brown color that shows natural atmosphere. The natural color of wood really enhances the beauty and nuance. In another side, shape of common Japanese tub often adopts classic style with small size design but deeper that allows bather to sit normally. Both material that is combined with its shape make Japanese bathtub is easy to recognize and people will say “it is Japanese bathroom design ideas” just by looking at the tub.

Japanese Bath Design Floor Plan

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  1. Shoji as bathroom wall and sliding door

Shoji is out or inner wall interior that is made from latticed screen covered with white paper. Recently, this shoji wall is usually not used to cover or divide room entirely. It is just used to present its artistic wall design that really gives different beauty or hand painted wall that is often seen when entering bathroom in Japan. Probably, you can use this shoji as background in small area or as the door for the concept of Japanese bathroom. Generally, the culture of using sliding door is habit in Japanese home design including bathroom. So, Japanese bathroom design ideas can be made through this typical surrounding elements.

Japanese Bathroom Design Home

Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

  1. Wood domination and nature view

Wood is common material that is often shown to decorate and design Japanese bathroom. Besides bathtub, floor and wall panel are often used as to complete most or specific area in the bathroom. In modern life, floor tile is main option for many people but concept of Japanese bathroom will always include wood although in small use like steps, pedestal, or small wood flooring. Inviting nature into the room is also clues that makes common Japanese bathroom has small garden inside the room or exposing outside view by wide open sliding door or window including the use of pebbles for bathroom floor or stone for ornaments.

Three points as mentioned above can be a reference when you has decided to start your Japanese Bathroom design idea. Combining some points or elements like bathtub design, shoji wall, wood and nature use as the clues of Japanese Bathroom will make the bathroom rich and close to its real design. So, you have found the way to make it real and happiness will come to you.

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