Inviting Green Plants with Bathroom Wall Planters

Green of tree or grass on the field truly entices everyone who look at it. Natural green plant that represents nature can change mind into fresh and relaxed. Wherever it exists the charm of this green plant always gives you main choice to have it around you including your bathroom. Some areas in bathroom will obviously be very wonderful with fresh plants in the corner, wall, or maybe floor. So, you will need place to put the plants as the media to grow up. Inviting green plants with bathroom wall planter is nice solution that gives you varieties of design that will also enrich your bathroom looks.

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To set it promiscuously plants probably will just increase chaotic look on the bathroom wall and decreases your bathroom value. Tips for inviting green plants with bathroom wall planter becomes so essential to obtain better look of the bathroom. Some ideas probably can help you decorate bathroom with wall planter as media of the growing plants.

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  1. Choose Design of wall planter

Permanent wall planter is often made by people that have determined the final look of the bathroom or if it is not possible because of no previous plan for wall planter you can use pots hanged on the wall of certain number depending on your ideas. Some people rarely use permanent wall planter in bathroom except on the outside of the window. Pot hanged on the wall or frame is easy and better way that enables you to replace anytime. Basically, anything you have at home, can, jar, bottle, or any container can be creatively made for wall planter. Nevertheless, to choose unique shape like pipe or round lid of lamp can be the ideas. Frame of iron or wall rack with shelves are both also common in use. Therefore, there are so many idea for wall planter design.

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  1. How to set it on the wall

There are some options to install this wall planter. The point is that you must determine how it becomes decorative on the wall.  For example, you can put wall planter in vertical line with certain wall planter shapes in small to big combination or you can make it in horizontal line. Vertical or horizontal line of planter will be better if the same planter shape is used. Another way that you can try is to fill wall with planter entirely that creates a panel. Some people prefer to hang pot or container as the media of plant vertically or use freestanding shelves. Adding lamp around wall planter will enable you to show your decoration in the night and it will be very beautiful.

In summary, inviting green plant with bathroom wall planter is not difficult job to do it. You can do it yourself even without any help of other. Nevertheless, creative ideas for this bathroom wall planter installation will be much better and surely will create beautiful bathroom wall decoration. So, have you had ideas for wall planter to invite green inside bathroom?

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