Incredible Bathroom Vertical Garden That Breaks the Silent

When hearing incredible bathroom vertical garden that breaks the silent as written on the tittle, curiosity surely will start to look for what concept of bathroom that is offered. The idea starts from big desire to combine view of outside home, garden, taken into bathroom as the concept of decorative wall design. Vertical garden is unique garden that is grown vertically rather than common traditional garden that is grown horizontally on in-ground. This vertical garden is grown right on the wall often outside but some make it indoor area as mentioned previously for bathroom wall.

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The green of plant on the bathroom wall makes the bathroom look spectacular. Its great design can be your source of food supply if you plant vegetable that near to get when the stock is empty. The great plant creeping on the wall really change the atmosphere into vivid life without getting out of home. Close bathroom or backyard area can be used to design this vertical garden. Bathroom with open ceiling area and let the plant receive sun light create beautiful tropical design but indoor is fine to have warm air when cold season come. The effect of natural plant that gives positive energy is really nice and plant is the key of incredible bathroom vertical garden that breaks the silent.

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To apply the concept, rack that consists of shelves can be used to put pots with plant and create beautiful green wall on the wall. Large rack with a lot of shelves that cover one of wall or as partial divider is the way to implement concept of vertical garden design. Wall planters that fill almost wall are also another design that can hold plants on the wall. The wall with plant causes the bathroom fresh, eye-catching, and great attention or point of interest. The plant will ask you water and fertilizer to grow well that means maintenance is important to do more than common wall design like wall tile.

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Plant from vine category can do very well to fill the net and hide wall. Certain plants probably need pots on the shelves or hanged to grow. It means that your choice to choose plant will contribute to the look of vertical garden as wall of bathroom. It is clear that this incredible bathroom vertical garden that breaks the silent is so fantastic bathroom wall design that will give you more than ever.

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