How to Well Redecorate a Bathroom

Bathroom in a house is an absolute need not only its function but also additional aspect like artistic, unique, or elegant concept to show the owner’s personal character in the shape of design. There are some parts of bathroom that often become the focus of attention. Bathtub, shower room, vanity, mirror, tile, and color are some parts that can be understood as artistic space where you as the owner and the user of the bathroom can put ideas and beauty in each part. Perfect design give satisfaction but very good design will invite an expert that charge you much money. Therefore, when it is getting old fashion and to save your budget, you must be a designer on how to well redecorate a bathroom.

How To Decorate A Bathroom With Towels

Bathroom that you have built for a long time will lose its beauty because of many things. For example, the dim glass, aged color, old bathtub curtain, and many more. Indeed, your bathroom is still able to use, but the old look of the room makes it your need or you are not satisfied with your new bathroom. To decorate it into better one is good idea than rebuild it and spending money. The problem come when you are not a designer. Nevertheless, many houses are built by the own house owner’s ideas and the result is competitive. So, you are going to be helped by ideas from some galleries to make yourself a good designer.

How To Decorate Bathroom Accessories

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Shower decor idea

How To Decorate Bathroom Apartment

How To Decorate Bathroom Cabinets

It commonly happens to your shower stall that the glass wall has get unclear because of daily water treat and frictions. A screen film will help your to make it new again for the look and many kinds of screen film pattern can be chosen to your wish. Before doing that, you should clean the window and you can move the screen film if you start feeling bored. Shower base can be set on your shower floor that give new nuance. Besides, rain shower seems to be nice ideas because you will really feel like under the rain.

Vanity decor idea

Clean your vanity into glittering condition is simple way to decorate this part of the bathroom. Another way to do is to replace vanity accessories like tissue box, perfume bottle, mirror frame, or probably sink. You can also re paint the cabinet, give vase, or replace the faucet with new one. To move it to another corner of bathroom place seems not good ideas, because you have to install drainage system that needs more work to do. Just do something simple to build your vanity.

Bathtub decor ideas 

How to well redecorate a bathroom in bathtub, give plants like vane can freshen the bathroom nuance on one side near the bath sink. Move rack in certain place to attain different look. Towel holder also gives idea in shape or design that can be chosen from store. The replacement of curtain in the window near the bath sink, or curtain in bathtub will also perform attractive design.

Color decor ideas

This role in renewing the room is very big, because a room will look different just by repainting the wall. If your bathroom wall uses tiles, you just need to make it on the ceiling. Bright colors are suggested to this room and combine with your furniture or accessories. Even color of curtain or towel will make different nuance. If you have white wall color in the bathroom, you can make your LED lamp in red, green, yellow, or others that as if it changed the wall color especially in the night.

Three parts of bathroom are places that often become attention and everything related to beauty or artistic idea is shown there. Therefore, it is important on how to well redecorate a bathroom.

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