How to Easily Make Vertical Garden

Vertical garden becomes big phenomenon that breaks the rule of common garden design and makes it so different than other. It is definitely nice to have beautiful garden in home that is attached vertically on the wall and by the view, you will see so great design that surely make you very happy to stay there. The important point to ask is how to easily make vertical garden yourself? To reach your dream to have this beautiful vertical garden, you will be served with some steps to start this beautiful vertical garden for home for outside or inside you love it to be there.

  1. Wall for garden

First of all you have to do is to determine place or wall area that will be attached with plant. Some places like wall near swimming pool, walk in area, guest room, or wherever place you love can be the area to design and decorate this vertical garden. Some have reason to use ruined wall as area for vertical garden and remodel the old ugly wall. Nevertheless, it also enable you to have vertical wall from good condition.

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  1. Coating and build frame

Coating is meant to protect wall from water that can causes damage. Plastic is simple way to give coat on the wall and also frame to keep it durable before start to put the plant. Some walls are designed from certain stone that is safe without using plastic or layer. You can choose frame from net, pipe, planter, pot, or special rack to put the fabric as place to put the plants. The shape design of frame usually also follows the type of plant but some frame can do all types. It is really easy and you don’t need to ask on how to easily make vertical garden in home.

  1. Water system design

To make you easy in maintain the plants, water system design is another important point that will never be far from the plant. Building water system by one touch instruction will do all your work without going up to the upper area to pour water that sometimes it is gristle of slippery. Watering plants for well growing like water system in hydroponic with liquid fertilizer is good idea to do the job, even you will need no drain waste for water.

In summary, how to easily make vertical garden is explained clearly as written above. You had better pay attention to each detail of process to create good result and it is just three steps to make your lovely vertical garden design.

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