Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile Idea

Flooring process in a house seems to be big attention for those who begin to build new or renovate rooms including bathroom. Bathroom flooring process looks the same to other room but basically material for the tile has certain characteristic that can only be done by its special material. Surface or texture of bathroom tile is the main difference that brings each mission to do territorial job. Probably, bathroom area that is not wet with water can have the same type of tile but certain area that has high intensity with water will use special tile for bathroom. This is important to know type of tile. Then, another step for bathroom flooring is to determine shape or size of tile and hexagon bathroom floor tile idea is beautiful tile design you can try.

Black Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

There are many option for this hexagon bathroom floor tile idea. First of all is the size of this hex bathroom floor. It can start from 0.875” X 0.875, 2”x2”, to the bigger one at 7”x8” or even bigger. The choice of hex floor size will surely give different effect when eyes looking down at the floor. Smaller hexagon bathroom floor tile idea creates perception that forms fantasy as if the floor were beehive that fill every inch of floor space while the bigger one features clearly its hex shape on the floor. Your consideration in size depends your sense of art that will make you love when seeing it. To buy this hex floor tile, it is usually charge per square foot.  It seems very important to choose size that will be different in look, so find your best size.

Carrara Marble Hexagon Bathroom Floor

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Color and pattern are another option when choosing hexagon bathroom floor tile idea as bathroom bottom decoration. Color will give special effect toward the room and user like illumination, attention by its accent color, or aesthetic value. Black, grey, green, and white are the common color used as hex bathroom floor color or certain theme like blue snowy, seashell, Mediterranean, even some use 3D effect to shows contrast that creates real dimension. Use of some colors on hex bathroom floor is also beautiful. Porcelain mosaic tile offers different patterns that features flower shape, certain lines patterns, or just black dot to defined interval. Color and pattern really gives rich effect toward the look of floor and it is needed when you want your hex bathroom floor more decorative.

Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

It is very beautiful to apply hexagon bathroom floor tile idea that looks like carpet on the floor with its beautiful pattern. You add creativity when installing this hex floor tile. For example, some people just build this type of tile only in small area in the center of bathroom floor as point of interest, combining different type of color, until choose abstract pattern to get exclusivity as a single character that is different from other. Now, you can determine your hexagon bathroom floor tile idea or just browse to get information that inspires you to decorate your bathroom floor.

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