Fresh and Natural Green Bathroom Decor

Wall paint color always offers new beauty when inside the room when old wall paint color begins fading away. Pouring new fresh color is good inspiration to remodel your bathroom that will serve you different touch that comes straightly to the feeling. Your private and personal place that often gives you serene atmosphere and relaxing during the time. Adding touch of fresh and natural to the bathroom by painting the wall with green will enrich the look of bathroom. It is fresh and natural green bathroom decor that will take new beauty into your dream bathroom.

Green Apple Bathroom

Green really gives enjoyable atmosphere through its typical philosophy. Green as one of unique color is regarded to represent nature that is symbolize by its common outer color green. It also represent something fresh like tree that gives life for everyone. To take this green into bathroom will enhance the bathroom look. Some types of green can be applied to obtain different bathroom atmosphere from vintage to cool or modern but keep its natural and fresh perception. Fresh and natural green bathroom decor can really change the old into such unpredictable beautiful color and you will be impressed and begin loving it.

Green Bathroom Benjamin Moore

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Some tips probably can inspire you to pour this fresh, natural, and surely beautiful green onto the bathroom wall.

Green Bathroom Cabinets

Green Bathroom Countertops

  1. Color for wall and items

To combine color by determining where you will put the paint is common idea that is often done by many people. For example, green on wall and carpet, wall and floor, or wall and furniture. To counter this green with or lighter color is used to counterbalance the combination of color. Creativity to put color and create balance color combination is the key to decorate the bathroom.

  1. Point of interest

White is better color to spread light from lamp or sun. Dark green color can’t do as well as white and reduce green is the way to maximize white than green. To feature green in the bathroom that can be point of interest, using green as accent color that emphasize where your items are is good idea that make you not lose this beautiful green.

  1. Almost green

Green on entire wall can be optional idea but it seems so chanted at last. Combining types of green can solve problem of monotone. You can put light green on upper area of bathroom wall and dark color on the lower level and creates color combination but still in green. Certain items like wash basin and bathtub probably are small items that use no green because of its original color from store.

  1. Ceiling and floor

Ceiling and floor are two areas that can be exposed to put green. You will leave bathroom wall with another color. It is like a place with lid on the top and bottom. Surely, the floor can be made by tile of green that will keep it color better because of its special design.

  1. Green by plant

You can have some plants to fresh your bedroom and surely based on the purpose to present its natural color. Real plants or artificial can be chosen to put it on the corner of bathroom, special rack, window, or vine on one side of bedroom wall or as partial divider. Even it can come together with any color.

Fresh and natural green bathroom decor is really nice to apply on bathroom area. Beautiful tone color that represents nature, and some tips to inspire you on how to put the color are truly fantastic ideas that you should try to your dream bathroom.

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