Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Something wonderful will always come from skillful hand and fresh mind to design a new beautiful product. Frameless sliding shower doors are the example of wonderful shower design that shows brilliant idea. Most of shower stall has a door as your way in and out with shutters for privacy purpose and avoid splash of water bouncing out to your dry bathroom area. Frameless means that the shutter or door of the shower stall really has no frame but it is just made from glass panel. To support the idea of frameless door, type of sliding door will be perfectly do the design.

Aqua Glass Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Door

The design of this frameless sliding shower doors use no butt hinge that surely it need strong pole or frame to support door when it is opened, so the sliding door replace it to omit the use of frame. Sliding door is just hanged with sliding track. The sliding door let you get into your shower stall easier than hinged door that swings and need area for its move. You can’t place rack or your bathroom item behind hinged door but sliding door can do it.  The combination of sliding door design and frameless shower stall fully creates so beautiful and luxurious shower door design.

Aston Frameless Sliding Shower Door

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The design of the shower stall that shows no frame, sometimes make the user look clumsy because as if it had no door to get in. This design make the shower stall looks so unique. To support the design, considering the glass thickness and stall shape design is important because glass is fragile and need strength if it is used as shower panel. Too thin glass will break just because of vibration or small hits. Some people use bathroom insert wall to design the shower and just let glass material as the sliding door. Nevertheless, some use most shower panel by glass material. Even the panels for shower has been stringed up well, adding sticker that is put around the shower stall can make it better.

Frameless Sliding Shower Door Adjustment

Frameless Sliding Shower Door Bottom Track

More benefits can be obtained from this frameless sliding shower doors, from easy cleaning, silent door handle, and surely fantastic look. For safety, use rubber at the bottom of glass panel to avoid sudden shock and other possible area. The rubber also keep the glass panel stable from shifting and protect the glass edge from damage hurt your hand.  Frameless sliding shower doors will give you what you want to complete your bathroom performance and the result you will be impressed to see it insider your bathroom design.

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