Contemporary Exposed Brick Bathroom

The modern  era with changing of life style will take someone into different world that is against the old time life style. The dress that is worn, car for travelling, gadget that comes only in modern life, including bathroom style that is different from years ago. Nevertheless, old time design often leaves memory that one can’t refuse to admit that a concept of bathroom design really keep its beauty that inspire a lot of people to apply it. Exposed brick wall design that become common phenomenon in the past is now combined with modern aspects for bathroom that makes it as contemporary exposed brick bathroom.

Exposed Brick Bathroom Wall

Contemporary exposed brick bathroom that combines bathroom wall design from different world, old and modern, become so interesting. The reason is that the atmosphere that comes to the bathroom is not said as pure old fashion because of existing modern bathroom items that is put inside this exposed brick bathroom. It is mixed fashion of different eras that come together to design bathroom into unique and exotic look. The idea of this concept comes from longing for piece of past life but can’t leave modern life style that gives better easiness and luxury for the bathroom design.

Exposed Brick Chimney Bathroom

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Series of bricks like troops that fill the wall make a pattern in good order and its red natural color from heating process make the bathroom look so wonderful. The vintage or classic style of wall is very clear when eyes is seeing at the wall. It is like unfinished wall without plaster to make it smooth but in contrast it automatically gives beauty from and high value to decorate a bathroom. If bathroom wall is damaged and leaves holes with some bricks are seen, to remodel and change bathroom wall into exposed brick wall can be an alternative. Even some people just let the hole on the wall to express natural phenomenon without considering to repair it.

Exposed Brick Chimney In Bathroom

Exposed Brick In A Bathroom

To show modern side, design of recent bathtub, floor tile, lamp, faucet, or mat should be used to gives touch of contemporary. Recent design of bathroom items present futuristic and luxury that fits the concept of contemporary exposed brick bathroom that combine classic and modern sides. Exposed brick wall allow you not to paint wall except area that you want no exposed brick design to be there. It will make you easy to paint just small area in certain place on the bathroom wall. Giving color on the brick with strong red is nice idea to feature every single brick on the wall. Surely, it will need a long time to finish this job. Now, it can be understood that two of different bathroom designs can stand together, it mean that everything is possible to create a wonderful bathroom design with a bit of creativity. If you really loves certain side of past time and also fond of modern fashion, contemporary exposed brick bathroom has given you a perfect answer to fulfill your desire to have your lovely dream bathroom.

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