Beach Themed Bathroom Wall Decor

Everyone is always looking for the beauty. A beauty can change something into fun and what you get is feeling of happiness and smiling from one’s face. Often one uses the beauty for decorate a room inside their house or as theme of room in a house. Combining a beauty to decorate a room is very interesting idea to apply. For example, beach is your optional theme to decorate one of your rooms and say it is bathroom as wall decoration. Idea of beach themed bathroom wall decor, because beach is a very beautiful natural view that most of people love to visit it and it will change your bathroom very well.

Beach Themed Bathroom Wall Decor

Beach theme means that you apply elements form environment around beach to decorate your bathroom wall. They can be what you find on the surface or under the water. Artificial fish and plants, sand, snail, or reef is some items that can be used to represent beach as your beach themed bathroom wall decor. You can use some frames containing beach items then stick them on the wall. Other way to make beach theme for your wall is by the use of painting or sticker with beach view or intentionally you paint your wall containing beach elements or complete beach on the bathroom wall.

Beach Themed Bathroom Wallpaper

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Light blue can be your dominating color for wall. This color creates fresh atmosphere that makes you feel like in a real beach and you become relaxed when entering the bathroom. You can take one wall to put your beach themed bathroom wall decor. Giving large size of mirror is nice idea to expand space through imagination when eyes is looking at the mirror as if your bathroom is very large. Other light color that fits light blue can be poured on another wall to show contrast or to support color of beach theme. The use of lamp is important. Lamps with certain color can change beauty of beach themed bathroom wall decor, so neutral color is suggested to use.

Beach Themed Bathroom Walls

Beach Themed Wall Decor For Bathroom

To avoid dazzling light that rebounds from light wall, you can give contrast color of dark in area that can reduce the strong light. You can also set your lamp dim or cap to focus the light in certain area. Try to design air vent, fan, or air conditioner to support bedroom theme that make you feel as if the beach was in front of your face with flow of soft air around. This beach themed bathroom wall decor is really fun decor and to make it real is very nice decision.

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