Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Beach always becomes interesting place by its beauty to spend holiday. White and clean sand spreading in the beach and endless beautiful blue water with fresh air really make beach as favorite place to get lazy under the sun for sunbath and relax your mind. This wonderful beach view inspires some designers or creative person to bring beach as bathroom theme. Probably, some think that it looks difficult to have beach themed bathroom decor but basically it can be done by anyone by following ideas to decorate a bathroom into beach themed look. This beach themed bathroom decor ideas will cure your longing for real beach that is probably far from your residence.

Beach Themed Bathroom Accessories Sets

To do this beach themed bathroom decor ideas, every single corner or area inside your bathroom can be made including supporting color that will change bathroom atmosphere like a real beach. The following ideas hopefully help you to decorate your bathroom to represent your love of beach.

Beach Themed Bathroom Accessories Uk

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  1. Touch of image

Giving view of beach on the bathroom wall can change nuance into fresh like what you get in a beach. Dominating color of light blue marks natural color of real beach with coconut trees and beautiful sand before your eyes as if you are standing there. 3d graphic idea to fill your wall that make the view so real is also good option, even some people place it on the floor to create wonderful illusion. Basically it is like sticker that can install and be removed easily. So, you can use one of them as typical bathroom decoration.

Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Diy

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  1. Imitating furniture

When you have a bathroom, you will have furniture with it. Beach themed bathroom decor ideas with furniture usually comes as your request that features different detail especially in the shape. Chair shape like shell, cloth hanger in anchor shape, or shelves with artistic design will represent a beach that is just taken from its small elements. It is commonly limited in store to serve the customer with this special furniture. The way to get it is to make it by worker’s service.

  1. Ornamental items

Replica of star fish, shell, seahorse, or even real small rock can be ornaments inside bathroom on shelves to display them. Some use bottle filled with sand and miniature of beach element to make artistic ornament. You can also writings or symbol that is constructed from shell, or large anchor hanged on the wall. It will not be enough to explain the example. Therefore, you can make it yourself with your idea or just imitating from some reference.

  1. Typical color

Beach always has certain color that represents its character. Light blue is the color for beach that comes to bathroom but furniture of yours is surely not always light blue. So, combination is important to make both colors can go together. Vintage is right color to put it with light blue. This type of color implies simplicity and nature that well completes beach color. Choosing vintage color is right choice for this beach themed bathroom decor ideas.

Now, for beach lovers, it is so simple to have themed beach bathroom. You don’t have to go out in long time trip to see beach in your busy time, but your simple and easy design for bathroom into beach theme at least can release a bit of your belonging for beach.

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