Bathroom Wooden Paneling Idea

Decorating a bathroom is very interesting and to express ideas that is stuck inside brain. To design or decorate a bathroom can be started from main part of bathroom like wall. Wall is your bathroom part that divides your bathroom from other to differentiate function and privacy goal. If you love to get vintage nuance for your bathroom, elements like stone and wood are common material that is often made to construct bathroom wall or just as ornamental supporting to gain aesthetic value. Wood is material that is easier to decorate your bathroom. Bathroom wooden paneling idea is effective material to decorate your bathroom wall than stone that tends to have more complicated process to make it as your bathroom wall decoration.

Bathroom Ideas With Paneling

Cover all your bathroom wall will need so many wood panel. The process of work and material price will surely charge you much money. In another side, your bathroom wall look monotonous while combining your concrete wall and wood material can increase better performance. So, you can do some steps as explained below.

Bathroom Paneling Ideas

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  1. Find the best panel size

The first steps to determine how long and height of your bathroom wooden paneling idea. One meter or around your hip is exact size but it is also possible to see your wall and your wood paneling to obtain good ratio. Covering lower area of wall by this wood material will create as if you wall had strong and thick foundation because the lower part of wall is like a wall base that is thick enough. The design also arouse imagination that your bathroom look like has fence around that protect your privacy from outside world. if you like wider size for wall paneling, it is also fine to do that makes your bathroom so beautiful and luxurious.

Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

Bathroom White Wood Paneling

  1. Determine wood thickness

Wooden panel that is too thin can’t change wall aesthetic value. The wood will look like wall itself and make no significant difference of both areas, upper wall area and lower wooden panel area. Just make it a bit thick or go outside from the wall. You don’t have to find such thick wooden panel to install it on the lower wall, but you can use thick wood material that is placed horizontally to at the top and bottom to support thinner wood panel and leave cavity in the middle area as if you had really thick wood panel like at the bottom and the lower part. Adding trim at the lower and top or upper of the panel will add more value and make it beautiful.

  1. Coating and Panel color

Coating process is important. Special substance can protect wood from decay. The bathroom will be close to water and damp air. It will cause wood damaged and coating process is effective enough to prevent it from wet and humidity that makes the panel durable. Coloring is also important to feature wall look. Color will give nuance different; fresh, warm, fun, peace, or other. To show vintage, pastel or pale color is good option. Darker color is suggested for the wood panel and light for the wall area.

Bathroom wooden paneling idea looks so wonderful to add aesthetic value of bathroom wall. It is really nice to see and give warm and peaceful in a bathroom. Therefore, whatever you do with your wall, it looks that panel will help you much.

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