Bathroom Floor Lighting Ideas

Decoration ideas are not only play of color on the wall, unique shape design for furniture, floor tile arrangement, or wall decor but the use of lighting also presents beautiful scene especially in the night. Ceiling is the common space to install decorative lighting by combining with POP ceiling design or just hanging lamp for room illumination. Freestanding floor lamp like Japanese floor lamp can be the alternative to make bathroom illumination more beautiful. Bathroom floor lighting ideas probably can be the option to decorate bathroom that surely needs different treatment to install it on the floor. Nevertheless, big love toward beauty in the night will win you to choose this bathroom floor lighting ideas as bathroom night decoration.

Bathroom Floor Lights Led

This bathroom floor lighting ideas are made by installing some lamps on the bathroom floor as your way to your bathtub, vanity, shower stall, or toilet as small illumination and decorative lamps. The characteristic of this floor lighting is not bright illumination with some small recessed lamps on the floor for walking area in a bathroom. Small recessed lamps that line along the floor area looks impossible because it is area where water is often found. Waterproof lamp or LED is the answer to face this will be enough to help you see the floor or lighten your bathroom without you being clearly seen when you have glass panel for your bathroom. Try to make pattern for this bathroom floor lighting ideas, because it will look very beautiful in the night.

Bathroom Floor Tile Led Lights

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Basically, it can be used for other area out of bathroom like stair, but if it looks very beautiful to see, using it as bathroom decoration is nice idea. Area near bathtub or walk in area is right place to install this bathroom floor lighting. You probably just need three or four for bigger size lamp designs but more is needed when it is smaller. LED light is also used by many people to build decorative illumination in floor area. Probably, you have to make some holes to put some lamps as floor illumination to avoid stepping on it or adding wood panel that gives layer on the floor area as the anticipation of dangerous possibility. Flat lamp design needs no hole or paneling because it is very thin and can be attached on the floor easily and strong enough.


Floor Lighting For Bathroom

Bathroom floor lighting ideas really performs nice scene in the bathroom as decorative floor lamp and additional illumination. By this bathroom floor lighting ideas, you will be easy to check your floor condition and prevent you from slippery. So, this bathroom floor lighting ideas really offer many things from beauty in night time till function and choose it as bathroom decoration is very good idea.

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