Bathroom Floor Edging More Than Just Beautiful

Starting to build a new house will never forget one main house function namely bathroom as your bathing area. Bathroom has specific design that is different from other room in a house including its flooring process. Flooring process is essential step to support bathroom that has some goals like avoiding slippery, featuring beauty, or present certain theme in the bathroom. Floor area becomes very important to our attention and many people take it seriously to find the best design or decoration. Bathroom floor edging is one of decorative floor design that shows beauty when our eyes look at the floor area but it also has another functions that make bathroom floor edging more than just beauty.

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Floor edging is usually done by adding tiles that line along the lower area of bathroom wall. Basically it can also lie on lower part of other room like guestroom, living room, or bedroom but in bathroom it looks more functional and to say bathroom floor edging more than just beautiful is right statement. So, why is it said more than just beat? Wall tiles is common material which is used as floor edging because it is anti-water that protect wall paint especially at the lower area of bathroom wall from splash of water. It is also frequently used to give space for vanity or other furniture to avoid scratch toward the wall. This bathroom floor edging also makes area clear between floor and wall like frame or divider.

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Certain color is often used that is different from floor and wall. Darker color or strong color like red, dark brown, or your optional color will effectively work to feature this bathroom floor edging. Basically, it is like wall tile but just put in the lower area of bathroom. It looks so beautiful to add this floor edging to your bathroom. The use of this bathroom floor edging is not made in shower area because splash of water is much higher when you are standing under your shower head. Area around vanity is common area with this bathroom floor edging. If you like, you can replace the use of tile by stone or other material that can protect bathroom wall from water in certain height. In summary, this floor edging really gives beauty toward bathroom look but its function makes this bathroom floor edging more than just beautiful.

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