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Childhood is essential steps of child’s growth and it is nicest time to see funny child around with their plain attitude. A good parents especially the mother has to pay attention seriously to look after and know what child need in this period of time. Good and enough nutrition must be seriously considered and will increase physical growth. Nevertheless, psychological approach is also needed to increase non-physic or mental child’s growth and verbal interaction through educational and affect stimulation can be the way to teach child in support to their growth. In-direct early education is also good idea to help children understand their environment and automotive themed bathroom for child is the idea for this purpose.

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Bathroom is one of favorite place for children. It is not merely functional place for bathing time but often it children spend a long time inside this room just for playing water in bathtub or bubble during the time. In some case, some children refuse to go to bathroom and automotive themed bathroom for child really helps you to change child’s attention into paying mode. This automotive themed bathroom for child is usually suitable for boy but sometimes girls also love to have it. You will need some ideas to change your bathroom into this theme and every child has specific taste of art that will feature different tendency either shape, color or material.

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Surely, your child will grow rapidly and finally the bathroom will be changed into anther decorative room theme. Giving touch of automotive theme on the wall by paint will be easier than using tile. Tile will need more prices and extra time. Automotive themed hanging items, toys, chair, or bathtub with automotive themed surrounding can be the way to present this ideas in the bathroom. This idea will involve some area in bathroom like wall, floor, ceiling, or just ornament displayed on bathroom corner rack. Mosaic is also very beautiful decorative tile that lies on wall or floor in bathroom. There are so many options to decorate your bathroom for your child and it is very nice idea to just make your lovely child smile.

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You don’t have to decorate all the space as automotive themed bathroom in automotive theme bathroom if you and your child use the room together but certain area like bathtub area can be the focus of decoration except the bathroom is designed just for child, all space is fine. This automotive themed bathroom for child will be very important when it can not only give fun to the children but also stimulate children to increase their love toward idea, design, or even profession that finally will help parents to know what child want in their life. Investigating children’ talent can be found not only their answer for your question that sometimes they lie but automotive themed bathroom for child as one of creative bathroom decoration can become true answer of what they hide inside their mind. Therefore, this theme will be so useful for you and surely your lovely child.

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