3d bathroom floor graphics idea

It is really wonderful 3d bathroom floor graphics idea. Graphics can be understood as giving clear and effective picture that makes look so vivid while 3d means that as if a picture was real because it has three dimensional sides. This is very brilliant concept of bathroom decor that makes your bathroom stand in the certain environment or theme. 3d bathroom floor graphic idea is rarely applied in common bathroom decoration. It because of difficult work process with expensive budget but also every single person has different taste on how they decorate their lovely bathroom.

A Painted Bathroom Floor Mural

Some designer makes this 3d bathroom floor graphics idea with beautiful view. Beach sand with coming water from open wide sea, under water life, deep abyss that shocking you, and more ideas can be the picture of the bathroom floor. It is really brilliant idea that makes the picture like a real life that is done from skillful hand with beautiful touch and exact ratio calculation. Picture of stone, animal, or other become so real because the painter feature sides of each picture and it makes the picture perfect. The area used for this 3d bathroom floor graphics idea is floor because floor is usually plain without any accessories or furniture like shelf, mirror, or photos that will cover the graphics.

Bathroom Floor Mural Sky

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Basically, drawing your bathroom floor with colorful paint looks impossible. So, how will you do and make it real? You can start by choosing mural image as bathroom floor illusion like photos or realistic picture that can make 3d effect. Try to avoid using moving picture or image instead off silent picture because they will never move and just decrease the vivid purpose of 3d illusion.  By application of Photoshop in your computer you can remove or cut part of the picture that you don’t expect. Then the final step is to contact agency of printing to get your 3d bathroom floor coating.

Bathroom Floor Murals

Before you put the picture on the bathroom floor, you had better clean and dry it. Then you can start install the decoration with special glue to paste the image or photos on the floor and abrasion-resistant coating layer that is clear and save the 3d bathroom floor graphics from scratch or damage. The layer also makes the floor shining and increase the floor performance. Therefore, 3d bathroom floor graphics idea really show you its beauty from image you want with very easy installation. So, just try now to make your beautiful 3d bathroom floor graphics idea.

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