Alluring Bathroom Niche Lighting

Decorating a bathroom is creative process of increasing aesthetic value in a space to obtain defined purpose and presents beauty that can be enjoyed by the owner. Lamp is one of bathroom item that gives enough illumination to the occupant when they are bathing or taking a shower. Besides its function, lamb also has become decorative bathroom item that offers beauty that will enrich the look of the bathroom. Sometimes it needs to change common type of lighting into unusual design to express personal character or basically the lamp design is used for special task that can’t be done by other. Alluring bathroom niche lighting probably can be your option to improve bathroom into appealing look that touches your feel.

Bathroom Niche Lighting

Good lighting surely will involve the specification of the lamp and place to install the lamp. Both lamp specification and place for the lamp will determine enough lighting or not. This alluring bathroom niche lighting is type lamp installation by putting lamp in inserted space commonly wall to create different lighting effect. This niche lighting that is inserted in wall space usually uses small lamp consisting one or more. It causes the lighting is not too bright if you mean it for whole bathroom illumination. The use of this typical lighting is not as main lamp design in bathroom but it tend to gives lighting in small area, some to show ornament, or decorative wall design with light. Therefore, this niche lighting is really used to other purposes in bathroom beyond main bathroom illumination.

Display Niche Lighting

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Using this niche lighting design to give less lighting for special place is brilliant idea that will be effective only with its small lamp installation. Less lighting probably causes peace when soaking in bath without bright lighting that makes your eyes feel unpleasant. This niche lighting will be enough for small area in bathroom like bathtub, shower, or vanity area. Nevertheless, other small lamps, not main lamp are sometimes used to help area illumination. In another side, this niche lighting is designed with certain dimension that allows you to put your soap, shampoo, or maybe toothpaste in shower wall or it is intentionally made to display ornament on bathroom wall like small statue, vase, or decorative ornament accompanied with lighting to feature it clearly. Different LED from different beautiful colors really creates beauty on the bathroom particularly in the night. So, determine the type of lamp previously for niche.

Niche Design Lighting

Lighted Niches In StonePly Natural Stone Cladding And Wall Covering

Shape of niche is usually rectangle shallow recess made on wall surface. Although it can be used as bathroom lighting in small space but to present decorative lighting design is often the reason for many people who make it. Therefore, place, number and dimension for this alluring bathroom niche lighting are very important. You can put this niche in area near vanity that accompanies mirror, on the wall near bathtub, or wherever that can decorate bathroom look. The size of niche lighting also need to be considered you can make a long niche lighting or smaller of two or three on some wall area. To have this niche lighting really improves bathroom tone to be delight look. So, although you have had lighting system inside your bathroom, this niche lighting can come together with your existing.

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